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Organisational Accessories That Can Help Organise Your Luggage

The right accessories can help you make the most of your luggage and keep it organised. Take a look at these essential accessories and explore the ways they help make travelling easier.

Travel Bag Bungee

In many cases, you're likely to have a rolling bag as well as a laptop bag, a briefcase or a handbag. That can be a lot to juggle while you're running through an airport or trying to find a taxi stand, but if you have a travel bag bungee, you can easily connect two bags together.

These organisational aids slip over the pull-bar of a rolling suitcase, and they feature straps or bungees which allow you to attach another bag. Once attached, the two bags move as one, effortlessly keeping your stuff together.

Vinyl Laundry Tot

So that your clean clothes don't have to mingle with your dirty ones, invest in a laundry bag. Look for easy-to-clean nylon, lest dirt or sloppy stains migrate to the sides of the laundry tot.

These nylon bags typically feature a pull tie closure. Conveniently store your bundled up laundry tot in the corner of your suitcase at the beginning of your trip. Then, set the tot in the corner of your hotel room and pop dirty clothes in it. When you get home, take it all to the laundry room in one easy to carry bundle -- a laundry bag is also perfect for toting clothes to the laundromat while you're still on the road.

Small Plastic Bags

Whether you are a backpacker or a business traveller, small plastic bags are ideal for subdividing and organising your luggage. You can use sealable freezer bags from the supermarket to organize T-shirts, underpants, socks, jewelry and other small items, or you can invest in travel space bags for bulky items. These bags can be air sealed, or you can buy ones that you press the air out of on your own. They help to compact bulky jumpers, winter coats, towels, blankets or other large items.

A Wet-Dry Bag

A wet-dry bag is the perfect antidote if anything you own gets wet while travelling. Whether you've got a wet bathing costume, a wet towel, a sweaty shirt or even a damp cloth diaper, you can conveniently slip it in your wet bag. When you get to your next stop, you can take out the wet item, rinse the bag and use it again. A wet bag keeps your wet items organised, but more importantly, it keeps the rest of your stuff dry.

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